How to Repair Your Car Scratch, Tips

A car scratch repair is what comes to mind as soon as you walk to your car in the parking lot to find a great scratch on its side. It would be very difficult to know who is responsible. Also, we must also consider how much it will cost to have it repaired.

Minor paint damage is an inevitable aspect of car ownership. We explain how to use a scratch repair car kit. Tree branches, stone chips and parking car scratches are inevitable and extremely frustrating issues of ownership of the car. Damage to your car’s paint looks ugly; you can devalue your car and even activate the rust if untreated. You can bring your car to a professional workshop for repair, but fortunately some good products on the market that allow you to perform effective repairs, minor professional damage to paint you appearance.

If you do, you should always take a cautious approach. While home repair kits and compound compounds can achieve good results about mild damage, more severe scratches probably need the job of a professional.

A scratch can mark the finish of your car’s paint and decrease its value. But do not worry, here are three options to do car scratch repair by yourself.

  1. Use touch-up paint
    First, you must clean the area thoroughly. Then you can touch the paint on the scratches to make it look like new. Use a very fine brush and paint on the scratch. Make sure the color exactly matches the paint job on your car. Wipe off excess paint and allow to dry. After it has dried, determine if you need to add additional coating or just wax. By adding a second layer, make sure to wax it all as soon as they dry.
  2. Using scratch remover
    A cut of compound is slightly different from the application of wax. Apply the liquid with a clean, lint-free cloth in smooth circular movements until you can no longer see the scratch. The more you scratch, the more time it takes.
    Once the scratch is gone, it should allow the compound to dry completely and remove any excess dry. The mixed cut removed from the protection offered by the top layer, so it is important to apply a layer of wax.
    Remember, most scratches repair kits to abrasion work through the layer of varnish and paint mixture from the base layer to fill the scratches. If you rub too much or too long, it is possible to damage the paint of your car continuously, leaving it with a multicolored horror.
  3. By using Fit It pen
    These pens work very similar to paint retouching but are much easier to use. The best thing about these pens is, you can keep in your car and repair minor scratches immediately – immediately after detection!
  4. Use polish
    You can also try using the varnish to scratch the car. Polish is slightly abrasive, so it can be used to fix car scratches removing some of the paint smoothly. Then, put the varnish on a cloth and wipe the scratch, rubbing the area surrounding the paint matches. Clean and polish the scratches must be invisible. Apply wax for additional protection zones.
    Note that you do not have to spend much on eliminating scratches on your car. There are plenty of DIY methods that will save you money. The most important thing is to find the time to do it, to make your car look like new, without spending your hard earned money on paying someone to fix it. Always do all things with care because if our handle things carelessly, it can lead to another problem which may damage a lot of things (Color) on the car body.

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