When you purchase used or a new car, what is the first thing that attracts you? It would be prudent to assume that color is one of the first features that will strip a car once you have decided on the make and model. Some say that a color can define the personality and sometimes this can be true!

If history defines us by color, just look at the different colors of vehicles driven by the biggest government or diplomatic! Black can mean importance and very impressive where white can mean state too! Color creates or cannot tell the difference between how others perceive a car.

For many consumers the benefits of choosing their own color options can also define their individual choices and what you are looking for. Options such as blues, greens, and even orange are now available for a buyer. Red has always been considered a young warm color, but the elderly are rejuvenated by this election.

To keep these colors in the best way to maintain a regular maintenance schedule. There are several ways to keep the color of your car in great shape. Would keep clean first as this removes acid and dirt from each location and then can identify when you have a scratch or chip.

Car paint repair requires a little work and knowledge and here are some tips to follow.

Tips for car paint repair:

Always check and test the paint or cleaning where it is invisible to the elements.
You can find the paint code on the car manual and keep it checked before applying.

  • Make sure the car is washed and cleaned. Sometimes it is advisable to gentle washing.
  • Make sure the vehicle is dry before applying the protective covers.
  • Once cleaned, apply grease or wax to prevent rust build-up.
  • If there is a rusty area, the ideal method is to wrap a piece of sandpaper around a sanding block that usually consists of a small block of foam and clean before painting.
  • You should use light hand paint or may get uneven. Many professionals use a toothpick to seal the paint and make sure it is evenly distributed. Try always to keep the edges clear to ensure that matches perfectly.
  • Keep You hand in hand, because time can be of essence to give a perfect chip paint every combination. Once this is done, you may use a nail polish or alcohol to remove excess paint and clean with a clean cloth.

Scratch repair how it works

Clean the chip with water, soap and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Rub a little polishing paste on the car on the chip with serrated smooth edges. Only a dozen swirls do the job. Too much friction could damage the clear coat on the paint and make a cloudy mess.

The solution is shown here for a fresh scratch that has not yet begun to rust. If you see a stain or has a tooth with its chip, you will need to make a more difficult solution shown here. Note that this scratch repair will be visible under close surveillance, but if you buy the right color retouching, is imperceptible a few meters.

For fleas and small scratches, polishes and waxes are now sometimes it can be painted to solve the problem. Just contact your dealer or vehicle manufacturer to find out what you need.

car paint repair